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Exeunt Escape Rooms An Interactive Escape Room Experience
In Plainfield Illinois

What People Are Saying About Our Rooms...


"We have done a few escape rooms and this was the best!"


" engrossing story..."


"Very clever use of lighting and effects."

Our Rooms

Prove the worth of your team by accomplishing the quest!

Embark on a voyage to uncover the pirate's curse!

About Us

What do you get when a novelist and a theater technician itch to build escape rooms? Exeunt productions: escape rooms designed with theatrics and story at the forefront. These tasks require more than a desire for escape! Successful adventurers use teamwork and virtue to accomplish their quests.

So if you're in the Plainfield, Yorkville, Oswego, Naperville, or Joliet area, then come out and check out our latest escape room

Full Reviews


"We have done a few escape rooms and this was the best! Great theme, good clues, great facilitator and reasonably priced. I would recommend this for any group."


"We did this as a family activity and the kids and teens LOVED it! The room was challenging and creative and my kids had to work together on their own to solve it (with a little help from the staff). What a great experience that built a memory that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend taking your family, your co-workers, your Youth Group or anyone to The Wizard's Chamber. You will be glad you did!"


"First Escape Room for me, and it was FANTASTIC! Excellent, well thought-out puzzles and an engrossing story really brought the event to life. We had a group of 5, ranging from teenager to retired, and we all love it! Kudos!"


"One of the best experiences ever! Went with a group of 5, 4 minors 1 adult, we barely solved it in a hour but the 'wizard' was very helpful with clues! Have already recommended it to many friends!"


"This was a blast !!! It was nice as the clues weren't overwhelming that you got lost. Four people was the perfect size for our group. I would love to do it again sometime.....Teamwork is key !!!"


"Very clever use of lighting and effects. A great story that calls for teamwork!"


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